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Phantom by Terry Goodkind

Posted by spragujs on July 24, 2006


ISBN: 0765305240

Author’s website:

A little bit of intro for this story. This is book 11 of TG’s Sword of Truth series. The last three books (10-12) are set up as the Chainfire trilogy, so this one is also a middle book that’s somewhat cliffhangery.

Ok, overall, this story is quite intriguing to me. Mr. Goodkind constantly leaves me wanting to see what happens next! Unfortunately, he’s way too repetitive and redundant 😉 in his writing. I only needed to read what the sunburst symbol meant once (and I didn’t need the three different ways of saying it each time) for example. There was actually one place where I didn’t read a few paragraphs (and before now I can honestly say that I’ve never skipped text in a book I was reading for fun)! This whole issue doesn’t make the storyline or characters any less interesting to me, just harder to read about. 😉 I’m even inclined to agree with TG’s philosophy, so it’s not like I’m letting that get to me either. I do, however, take issue with being written to as though I have a head made of 10″ thick clay so that it takes 100 beatings of the same concept for me to get it. *shakes head*

First, I like the way it ended, there was a feeling of closure, which TG seems to be pretty good at. That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish I had the next book in my hot little hand right now! I wanna know what happens next!

Well, since I can’t figure out how to do the spoiler bars, I’m gonna just put what would normally be at the end of the post here. Look for the spoiler section after the “Now reading” bit. Also, I’m hoping to put up a review of the Temeraire books soon as well, though they won’t be quite so detailed since I didn’t write the blog right away.

Now reading: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Ok, here’s my attempt at spoiler hiding! I figured that Richard would end the book without his magic, and I’m glad it only took him a paragraph to realize why he couldn’t read the book Barracus wrote for him. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to read about him actually playing a Ja La game though. >:) I like the Kahlan end of things as well. How she keeps fighting on in spite of all the really bad stuff that keeps happening to her. It’s fun to read about a villain who’s actually really smart too. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Jagang, but it sure makes things a lot more interesting! I’m wondering which Book of Counted Shadow(s) is the correct one… Nicci setting the Boxes of Orden behind Richard was awesome, but I’m getting kind of tired of reading about her pining over Richard. She’s not got that love of life she thinks she does, if she’s only got it with him… :-\ Especially since the guy’s spoken for! Actually, Kahlan and Richard (esp. Richard) do that a lot too, which is kinda disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I think love is a good thing, but again, where’s that individuality they’re supposed to be championing when they don’t wanna live without another individual’s presence… *shrug* Sorry, bit of a tangent there.

Well, at this point I’m just hoping the next book comes out soon! And I hope that Richard and Kahlan get back together, and Richard gets his magic back, and he fixes the Chainfire spell (which would mean he’d have nullified the Orden problem), and they destroy the Order, and they get rid of the Chimes’ taint and bring back the dragons!, and get Nicci someone else to fawn over, and that virtually all ends happily ever after (especially since it’ll be the last book)! I’m very biased toward happy endings, and I’m not ashamed of that fact! 🙂


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