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Summer TV Rehash

Posted by spragujs on July 10, 2007

Ok, so yeah, some of these shows are supposedly summer shows and yet they’re already over?! Also, I ended up watching several more than I originally posted about… Anyway, so a bit of an update.

Already over:
Drive, also got canceled, Fox was supposedly going to play the last two filmed episodes, but that’s been put off twice now, so we’ll see what happens :-\
Falcon Beach, I think has also been canceled, but at least there was a semi-normal ending to the season/series (though there was some debate about that)
Stargate: Atlantis – what a freaking cliffhanger ending to this season! *tears out hair*
Traveler – ok, its last episode will be tomorrow, so I’m just sticking it here, also, sounds like it’s going to be the series finale as well as the season finale
Hidden Palms – also got canceled, had a pretty good ending though

Still on:
The 4400 – 9:00 Sundays on ABC
Kyle XY – 8:00 Mondays on ABC Family
Eureka – 9:00 Tuesdays on SciFi
So You Think You Can Dance – 8:00 Wednesdays and 9:00 Thursdays on Fox

Might start watching:
Psych – no idea when it’s on, that’s what TiVo will be for I guess
Design Star – 10:00 Sundays on HGTV
Mad Men – 10:00 Thursdays on AMC
Damages – 10:00 Tuesdays on FX


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