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Posted by spragujs on September 21, 2007

In any case, I wanted to share knowledge for those few reading about Once you sign up, this site allows you to post books that you don’t want to keep anymore. Each time you successfully mail a requested book to another member, you’ll receive a credit with which you can request a book yourself. In spite of the name, they don’t just have paperbacks either. I’ve beefed up my hardback collection by swapping books here. They have audiobooks as well, though those “cost” two credits each. You can also buy credits for $3.45 each, which is a reasonable price (at least for hardbacks, even used) if you’re interested in taking that route.

One of my favorite things about is the website itself. I don’t know why, but I love their layout. The search engine seems to be very robust. It also has a couple of features I really like. One is in the Transaction Archive. The website makes a Flash map (which is a little sad for me as I’ve wanted to share my map on occasion and I can’t figure out how to copy it or if it’s even possible besides taking a screen shot which I haven’t even tried) both of the places you’ve sent books to as well as where you’ve received them from. It doesn’t really have much purpose, but it’s pretty fun! Small fun fact: for quite a while almost all the books I’d sent were to the west of where I live and almost all that I had received came from east of my location. The other feature I really like (and I look at it almost daily) is the Top 50’s under the Community menu. It shows the top 50 book posters, books posted, books requested, books wished for, and the top 50 members with regards to referred members. Not only does it do this for all time, but you can have it check for just the last 7 days or for the last month. My favorite is for the last 7 days. It amazes me how many books some folks are able to swap in a week! The wish list is also extremely handy. You can search for “wished for” books to see if any of yours are on that list, which basically guarantees you can get a credit soon if you post it. Or, you can put books on your wishlist and get notifications when the books you want become available. Man, I could go on and on about how useful this site is…

[ETA Dec. 18, 2014]  I have since stopped using paperbackswap, so can’t confirm or deny that the site is still as cool as it was back in 2007!  🙂


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