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Posted by spragujs on October 23, 2007

Yay! I love Heroes! Last night’s episode was… well, it was part of the story (which is not a problem for me). Just to set the record straight, I know nothing about film/TV and how it’s “supposed to be done”. Over all I have a couple of comments though. I love the fact that there are bunches of characters. I don’t have a problem following the stories because of it (though I hate it when each episode ends). 😉 The one thing that I have noticed in the past (though it wasn’t so bad this episode) is that the Hiro in Japan bits seem different. I’ve heard it described in a TV blogger podcast that I listen to, that Heroes is filmed with and has a very gritty feel, all the time. All the time that is, except when Hiro’s in Japan. :-\ Still, I’m betting the Kensei storyline is going to have a HUGE payoff in the end, otherwise, I don’t think they’d be dragging it out this long.

This week’s episode was a really good one I think.  I loved that Micah got to sort of teach his older cousin about her power.  (And I’m hoping that Mohinder’s going to take a different route than the Company expects with Monica.)  Also, apparently the actor who plays Micah is a musical prodigy, so that was really him playing the piano.  Cool, eh!

The fight-of/in-their-nightmares between Matt and Nathan was pretty cool.  I noticed that when one seemed to be winning that the other wasn’t, but it never occurred to me that they were fighting each other until they pretty much showed it on screen.  Got me on that one!  Still it was really cool and maybe now Matt will know how to help Molly out of the mindtrap that his dad put her in. (Assuming they can get her away from the Company again!  Stupid move Mohinder, really stupid!)  :-\  Oh, and meanwhile, Matt’s dad got away again!  I just wonder if his picture with the symbol on it was real, or if he’d staged that too.

Slight reveal there with Niki though!  I thought when she turned herself over to the Company that she’d wanted to be cured of having a power!  Turns out she wants to get rid of Jessica.  I guess I thought she already had, but according to last night’s episode, that’s not the case.  Too bad, that part of the story was not one of my favorites.  I wonder if they can make it interesting this time around…

So, the writers sent Veronica Mars after Peter.  Ok, so not really!  😉  Still, there are some distinct similarities!  Kristen Bell basically doing some detective work to scout out Peter’s location, only this time she’s got a built in taser!  LMAO!  Still, however similar, this character is very much different.  She acts like a kid.  Especially when talking with “dad” on the phone.  She even listened to dad and didn’t go in to grab Peter, which is totally not what Veronica would have done.  Kinda dumb on dad’s part since it looks like Peter and his new girl are going to flee the country!  Unfortunately, they’ll probably leave Peter’s Isaac painting behind which will tell the Company exactly where Peter’s going.  :-\  (Sometimes the characters in this show are so dumb!)  Anyway, KB’s character isn’t as smart as Veronica, she obeys her father, and she’s totally got no problem killing people.  ?!  I’ve of course read in various interviews that this character is pretty messed up, but now we’ve got some proof!

I really enjoyed Ando’s parts this time around (then again I’ve always bee kinda partial to Ando), but I think his perspective was part of what made Hiro’s parts not seem out of place in this episode.

Until next week!


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