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The Middleman

Posted by spragujs on August 13, 2008

Ah :

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

…and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Yeah, so I was going to try and modify Elizabeth Barret Browning‘s sonnet that begins and ends with those words, but I got halfway through and just couldn’t do it anymore! I’m just not creative enough, unlike the writers and everyone associated with TV show, The Middleman. This show started this summer on ABC Family. It’s apparently based on a comic book, but I wouldn’t really know that, ’cause I didn’t read comics when I was a kid and I’ve only read a few as an adult. (I so feel like I’m missing out because of it too, but I’ve got too many hobbies as it is, so I’m not planning to start adding in comics!)

And, back on topic! This show is about the Middleman and his new sidekick who are secret problem solvers that take care of all the out-of-this-world and evil villain issues that happen in the real world that you only thought occurred in comics. If that sounds slightly ridiculous/silly to you, it absolutely is, and they’ve capitalized on that essence throughout the show. There isn’t a single thing about The Middleman that I don’t love. It’s funny, silly, snarky, has many obscure pop culture references (most of which I don’t get, but it’s still quite a feature for most people), and just… yeah. I can’t say enough about it really — not enough to do it justice anyway.

Now if I could only not have to love the show better after death, as it seems likely at this point that ABC Family will cancel the show. I wish it would go on for many, many, MANY seasons so long as it can maintain the funny it has so far. If that doesn’t come to pass, I guess I’ll have to settle by purchasing the DVD collection as soon as it comes out. Before that happens though, I fully plan to rerecord all the episodes to save on my DVR if there’s a marathon before the finale, which I believe happens September 1.

So, please do me a favor if you’re even remotely intrigued (and especially if you have some way of being counted) and watch this show Monday nights at 10/9 Central (sorry, I don’t know when it’s on for M/P time zones).


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