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Girl Genius and other webcomics

Posted by spragujs on March 6, 2009

Heh heh.  I finally realized why I didn’t post anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was because I was spending my internet time trying to read through the 5+ years of archives of Girl Genius!  (Start here.)  The story and art are terrific and I’m so going to get the books!  😉  *makes another note to put them on my wishlist*  Not only is the story addicting, but unfortunately for my time, I had troubles sometimes getting the pages to load the first time around.  Three refreshes seemed to mostly be the limit though.  I wonder if there’s something they couldn’t do to update their server or something!  Anyway, if you read comics online, I strongly recommend this one!  (Updates MWF.)

Other comics you should read:

Order of the Stick – based on D&D, has its own stories, but also makes jokes about the D&D system.  Start here!  (I’ve already got most of these books!)

Erfworld – A war gamer gets transported into a war game world as the warlord.  Hijinks ensue!   Start here!

Looking for Group – based on WoW, again with its own story (I think), and is an epic story with lots of dark humor.  Start here!  (Another one I should get the books for!)  MThurs

Inktank – currently is a mash up of the author’s life with one of his former comics, Angst Technology.  He has several on the site, but Angst was the longest running comic.  MWF mostly.

Those are all the comics I’m reading now whenever they update.  I’ll bring up some old favorites sometime in the future.


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