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Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon

Posted by spragujs on March 10, 2009

Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon

I haven’t written a post about Chuck in a long time.  I guess for the most part, it’s not like a big mystery show like Dollhouse, where you might want to try and keep up on things.  I dunno that it needs to be analyzed as overall the premise is pretty simple.  It’s just a highly, highly entertaining show.  I wish more people were watching!  Or that it was already renewed and it didn’t matter how many people are watching.  😉  Chuck’s kinda got it all:  comedy, action, romance, family stories.  There’s a little something for everyone I think.

In any case, just a summary of the episode.  …  Hmm, now that I’m thinking about it, quite a lot happened last night.  And I just called the show simple.  I’d still argue that it is.  It’s very easy to follow.  I even suspect that a person could pretty easily jump into the show at any time and still get the gist of what’s going on.  Interesting!  Serious kudos to the writers and editors and actors, etc. for being able to pull off such a stunt!

In the end of the episode, the main things that happened were that Chuck professed his intent to never give up on his wish to have a relationship with Sarah even if he just isn’t willing to follow through with a fake version.  He also found out that there’s a guy out there that may be able to get the Intersect out of his head, thus theoretically freeing things up for him and Sarah to get together for real.

For me I’d almost say that the best part of this episode was that Chuck, with a little coaxing from the MI-6 agent, finally figured out that he needs to be able to protect himself better.  Next episode will apparently be Chuck’s start in this direction.

Couple things from that.  Chuck’s relationship with Cole Barker (MI-6) for the last couple episodes was freaking hilarious.  Cole is an obviously good match for Sarah and he pursues her relentlessly (especially after Chuck tells him there’s nothing between them).  I think in doing so, he made Sarah realize just how much she does care for Chuck even though the dude was hot, extremely competent, and actually pretty nice (if a lot over the top, IMO).  😉  So, anyway, Chuck’s obviously jealous of the guy because he’s pretty much everything Chuck’s not.  Chuck spends a decent amount of the last two episodes trying to convince Sarah (and Casey!) that he’s not a slouch while in doing so he actually kinda makes himself look silly (which isn’t uncommon anyway).  And at the same time he clearly actually kinda likes Cole (and definitely respects him).

Cole in the meantime frequently (if sorta indirectly) points out Chuck’s flaws by trying to turn praise on Chuck rather than himself (when Chuck’s deeds were always inferior to his own).  It was actually more funny than irritating to me, which was surprising.  But what really made it easy to overlook was that Cole was willing to take chances on Chuck when Sarah and Casey never had before.  He even gave Chuck a gun and sent him in first (which worked out in the end, but may have not been the best idea ever) to save Casey and Sarah from Fulcrum.  Chuck frequently manages to save the day, but usually in much different ways and sometimes kinda on accident.  In any case, besides that Cole tells him to start packing at the end, I think this incident was what decided Chuck on getting some training.

Now, on Chuck getting training.  I suspect a lot of people out there are afraid it’ll change the feel of the show.  I say sure, it might, but I’m ok with that at this point.  Chuck will still be a bumbling newbie even if he learns how to use a gun, etc.  And frankly, his lack of experience was just getting to be unrealistic and a tad annoying.  He’s a capable guy and should be given the chance to not look like an idiot quite so often.  Heck, he practically pulls off the attitude when he’s playing Charles Carmichael as it is.  I’m more than happy to see a change in the game at this point.  Bring it on!


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