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Kyle XY Series Finale

Posted by spragujs on March 19, 2009

Kyle XY

So, Monday night ABC Family aired the “series” finale of Kyle XY.  Of course, it was actually supposed to be a season finale, so there was zero closure and actually a lot of threads left hanging.  :-\

Anyway, since not enough people watched Kyle XY, I’ll summarize.  It was a sci fi show.  It was funny, had action in it, and actually was a family show.  Some of the family type stuff was a bit cheesy or preachy in some places, but for the most part it really was quite good.  And the sci fi angle was interesting, though mostly the story was about the interaction of the characters.  Just for an example, the youngest brother in Kyle’s adopted family (he was a freshman? in high school, maybe a year older by the end of the show) had a steady girlfriend and they were one of the most adorable couples I think I’ve ever seen on TV.  Their interactions and troubles were nicely normal and somehow they managed to overcome most of them as time went on.  It was one of those relationships you’d hope would last forever, no matter how unrealistic it might be.  Anyway, it’s much easier to watch than to explain.  I’d strongly recommend viewing this show on DVD if you’ve never watched it, though as I mentioned it was ended before it’s time.

At least there’s an interview with the producer that gives some ideas of what they wanted to happen as time went on.  (Don’t read the interview yet if you think you might watch the show!)  I just had a discussion the other day wishing the studios would give the writers/producers enough money to do one last episode or something when they’d cancel a show.  I said I’d settle for the ideas being posted on the internet.  Having read the interview below, however,  it seems really weird/wrong, for ABC Family, who canceled the show, to give the interview.  :-\

Questions answered.


One Response to “Kyle XY Series Finale”

  1. darci said

    So ya the cliffhanger ending kind of bothered me…but all is forgiven if we can get a mini series or something that gives us definite closure. Can’t ABC Family see that a mini-series or a made-for-tv movie to tie up loose ends would be a ratings boom? Or maybe just an itunes movie download? People would pay! Isn’t that what they want in the end?

    I’m still holding out hope, no matter what I hear in the news. Like the song (Earlimart – “Before It Gets Better”) featured in the finale episode says, “It’s gonna get worse, before it gets better” (see a video clip of this song at

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