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Earlier Ravens by Robert Jordan

Posted by spragujs on April 20, 2009

Earlier Ravens

Wow, I just read the prologue, Earlier Ravens, that was added to the first of the YA Eye of the World novels, From the Two Rivers.  I have to say I’m a bit disappointed.

Tam tells a story about the Dragon and how he resealed the Bore with the 100 companions?!  What happened to the-Dragon-is-a-darkfriend-who-released-the-Dark-One-from-his-prison in EotW?!  Even Thom, in EotW, didn’t seem to know the story Tam told in this prologue!  Not to mention that the Emond’s Fielders in EotW seemed to think Aes Sedai were darkfriends, but here Egwene insinuates the Women’s Circle wouldn’t stand for that kind of talk.  (Though I do know Tam would have known better on this one.)  This is hard for me ’cause I enjoyed the story, but these kinds of continuity issues bug me.

And the comic book version, in it’s attempt at brevity makes the situation worse.  It also makes it sound like the adults decided Rand and Egwene would marry.  Where what actually happens is that Rand and Egwene start paying attention to one another and then the adults decide they’re likely to marry.  I’ll probably still buy the compilations of the comic, but it’d be nice if they could get all the nuances across as well.  (This Egwene/Rand bit is admittedly nitpicky, and apparently, the rest is in the actual prologue, so I can’t blame the comic for that blunder!)


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