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Chuck vs. the Colonel

Posted by spragujs on April 21, 2009

Chuck vs the Colonel

Colonel Casey, that is!  Anyway, I’ve decided not to make this a recap.  At least not mostly.  I read (somewhere, I can’t freaking find it) that the third season of Chuck (should it get picked up for a third season) would take the show in a new direction, and if the end of this episode is any indication, that couldn’t be more true!  There do be SPOILERS below!! Also, before I forget to mention it, I think I giggled every other minute the whole time I was watching this episode.  It was great!

The Intersect has been removed from Chuck’s brain, and Morgan’s going to Hawaii with Anna (and I don’t mean on vacation)?!  I’m good with those changes, as a matter of fact, I’m excited to see where this new direction would take the show, and next Monday’s season (please let it not be the series) finale might give us some idea, but then again maybe not!  It’ll be Ellie and Awesome’s wedding, so we will get that at least.  🙂

Just to see if I can get some people interested, here’s a list from Television without Pity as to why Chuck should be renewed.  I’d also like to add that I’ve almost always been impressed at how they integrate the Buy More scenes with the action/spy stuff.  It’d be really easy to throw things off by switching back and forth, but they manage to integrate the two stories quite well, IMO.

Also, here’s TWoP’s list of the guest stars that Chuck expertly uses.

So, please if you watch Chuck, don’t miss the finale next Monday!  And if you’re interested in watching what’s happened so far (I’d love to addict more people to this show), do me a favor and go buy the DVD sets!  Season one is available now and Season two is ready for preorder.  (Such purchasing can sometimes influence the continuation of the show!)  I have them in my shopping cart for purchase after I get paid again on Friday.  😉


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