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Death Masks by Jim Butcher

Posted by spragujs on April 24, 2009

Death Masks Wizard by Trade

Wednesday night I stayed up late finishing Death Masks by Jim Butcher.  As per usual, I read it in the SFBC omnibus, Wizard by Trade.  I have to say, this one was by far my favorite.  That’s not to say that the others were bad, this one was just that good!  To think that Harry’s duel with a hundreds year old vampire is only the secondary storyline!

This one includes Susan, Bob, Murphy, Thomas (a vampire of the White Court who helped Harry out previously), the Archive who contains all human knowledge, Denarians (fallen angels who are allowed to futz with the world of mortals), the Shroud of Turin, Marcone, and a whole bunch of other stuff!  All fairly well woven together this time (rather than feeling a tad contrived in coming together).  Or maybe that’s part of why I preferred it, there were two story lines in truth this time, two that did not eventually connect, that is.  Harry is apparently quite good at time management!  I wonder how he manages to make it to all his various appointments in Chicago’s traffic though…  Maybe that’s just the thing that would truly make these fantasy novels.  ;D

And in conclusion, Ebenezar got to bomb some Red Court vamps with Asteroid Dresden (LMAO), and now I really want to know who Harry chooses…  well, I can’t figure out a way to describe what he chooses this person for without giving too much away.  That’s what I’m really left with!  Glad he buried the coin, though it’s not as good as if he’d just handed it over to the proper authorities…  Well, now I’m reading Blood Rites, in spite of the fact that my normal pattern would have me read something else in between omnibuses.  This one just kept my curiosity up too much!  Woooo!  (Dangit, now I wish I were at home reading!)

Couple other things I can’t let go without commenting on…  Kevlar and Bob banging his skull against the wall at Harry.  *giggles*


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