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The Hounds of Avalon

Posted by spragujs on August 24, 2010

Blurb (Read at your own peril, as I just realized it was a lot more spoilery than I ever try to be in my posts!  It’s even misleading!):

The Hounds of Avalon are coming… For these are the twilight days, when eternal winter falls and the gods destroy themselves in civil war … when an invasion force of ghastly power threatens to eradicate all life. Humanity’s last chance lies with two friends, as different as night and day, but bound together by an awesome destiny. Hunter: a warrior, a rake, an assassin; Hal: a lowly records clerk in a Government office. They must pierce a mystery surrounding the myths of King Arthur to find the dreaming hero who will ride out of the mists of legend to save the world. But time is running out. For when the Hounds of Avalon appear, all hope is lost… Hounds of Avalon is the latest installment in Mark Chadbourn’s brilliant new sequence: exciting, evocative, terrifying and awe-inspiring.

Last Wednesday I finished this book, the third in Mark Chadbourn’s The Dark Age trilogy. It took me a while to come to terms with what I’d read.  It’s a continuation of the first two books, of course.  I am going to be a bit spoilery here, it’s not that big a deal as far as the plot goes, I don’t think.  Anyway, you get to revisit some friends from the Age of Misrule Trilogy.  So that was kind of cool!

Anyway, the main thing I have to talk about is the ending.  Or lack thereof.  I was getting close to the end wondering how in the heck Chadbourn was going to wrap things up in the amount of pages I had left.  (I’d even done this before, and been pleasantly surprised.)  Unfortunately to me, and compared to the other books of his I’d read, it felt like his editor said at some point, “Chad, this book is going to be longer than the others and we can’t have that.  Chop off the ending.”

I’ll be the first to admit, it has an ending.  It’s not even necessarily an unsatisfying ending, but it left EVERYTHING hanging.  I’m sure we’re meant to assume that everything goes rightly at the end, or we’re completely free to decide whatever we want, ’cause we get NO specific loose ends tied up.  (With the exception of one minor and one major character.)  And I do confess to being one of those folks who frequently likes to have things tied up in neat bows, but in the past (with Chadbourn’s books) we got to have most of that.  Which is part of why I was disgruntled.  Also, the end happens in the middle of the big fight.  There were lots of opportunities for many, if not all, of the remaining main characters to die, but now it’s all up to us.  I, of course, choose for it to be a super happy ending in my head, but I’d rather know what Chadbourn thinks happened.  Plus, I’d like to have read the conflicts, meetings, etc. that could/would have happened.  Quite frankly, I’m wondering where the damn fourth book is!  Maybe I should stop thinking about it, as it’s getting more irritating the more I do…  ::sigh::


3 Responses to “The Hounds of Avalon”

  1. ~ap~ said

    I won’t read it since it’s spoilery but I’ll check it out once I get through the trilogy! :o)

  2. Chadbourn said

    Then I presume you’ll want to read Kingdom of the Serpent: Jack of Ravens, The Burning Man, Destroyer of Worlds – where all your questions will be answered. This story was designed to be nine volumes, a trilogy of trilogies covering more than two thousand years of human history, this world, the other world and the world after death, and all the world’s greatest mythologies, told in a mosaic style so you can weave your way through it from several different directions.

    But I appreciate this ending didn’t work for you. I’ll try harder next time!

    • spragujs said

      There’s more? That’s great to hear! If I’d known, I may not have had quite this reaction. Any idea if/when Pyr will also be releasing this series in the US? A quick internet search was not my friend just now.

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