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Reading Meme Day 13

Posted by spragujs on January 18, 2011

See Day 2 for why I’m doing these all out of order and stuff.  I was able to come up with this one without too much thought.  My favorite childhood book.  I wouldn’t have thought this one would be so obvious to me, but turned out it was!

Wendy and the Bullies cover artWendy and the Bullies by Nancy K. Robinson was my favorite.  Blurb:

Wendy knows where all the bullies are–but what can she do about them?  What can she do when she’s face-to-face with a dangerous bully like Stanley Kane?

I’d previously thought that Where the Red Fern Grows was probably first book I ever reread, but now I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.  I know I reread this book.  I have no idea who/where I got it from, but it was the coolest.  Wendy’s ability to strategize (in spite of the fact that rereading it as an adult clearly shows there’s no such detail in the book) made her my hero.  😉  Also, I don’t know if this was the book that made me love books with maps and maps in general, but the back of the book even had a map.  Woot!  My first book with a map!

Wendy's Bully Map

Below are the remaining memes that I will someday cover:
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Day 02 – A book that you wish more people had read
Day 03 – Your favorite recent book
Day 04 – Your favorite book ever
Day 05 – A book you hate
Day 06 – Your favourite writer
Day 07 – A writer you don’t like
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Day 09 – Best scene ever
Day 10 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving
Day 11 – A book that disappointed you
Day 12 – An book you’ve read more than twice
Day 13 – Favorite childhood book
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Day 15 – Favorite female character
Day 16 – Your guilty pleasure book
Day 17 – Favorite trilogy or tetralogy
Day 18 – Favorite book cover
Day 19 – Best ensemble of characters in a book
Day 20 – Favorite kiss or love scene
Day 21 – Favorite fictional romantic relationship
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Day 23 – Most annoying character
Day 24 – Best quote
Day 25 – A book you plan on reading
Day 26 – OMG WTF? plot
Day 27 – Favourite non-mainstream writer
Day 28 – First book obsession
Day 29 – Current book obsession
Day 30 – Saddest character death


One Response to “Reading Meme Day 13”

  1. ~ap~ said

    I love that it had a map! That’s so cool!

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