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Order of the Stick Kickstarter Project

Posted by spragujs on February 9, 2012

OotS Kickstarter ProjectI like to read a few webcomics, and plan to maybe blog about a few of them here over time.  The one that gets to go first, because of an event they’re having, is OotS, or The Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew.  (Start the comic from here.)

OotS, to quote the author, “… tells the tale of the eponymous band of heroes living in a fantasy roleplaying game world as they struggle to overcome their enemies, their environment, the rules of the game, and their own crippling incompetence (not necessarily in that order of importance).”  It’s a comic made up of stick figures, and it’s hilarious.  As also mentioned in the author’s summary, the comic starts out a bit heavily with the RPG references and gradually loses that focus as time goes on.  The stick figure art even gets a bit more polished.  I’ve played a few RPGs in my time, but never D&D which the story is based on, so take it from one only partially experienced; you can still appreciate the comic, even if you don’t play the game.

Besides trying to get you to read the comic (if you don’t already), if you’re interested in supporting webcomic artists, or if you already like OotS and randomly don’t know about this project, I wanted to let everyone know about the OotS Kickstarter reprint drive.  I’d never heard of Kickstarter before, but it bills itself as the “world’s largest funding platform for creative projects”.  A person with a project/concept can use the site to set up a drive where people pledge money, but they never get charged if the project goal isn’t met.  Pretty neat concept!  In any case, the OotS project has far surpassed their original goal (see the update page for details), so if you want to pledge you’ll definitely get charged, but again, if you like to see webcomics in print or just want to support a webcomic artist, you might try pledging to the project which ends just after noon EST on Tuesday Feb. 21.


2 Responses to “Order of the Stick Kickstarter Project”

  1. ~ap~ said

    I’ve neglected this comic for FAR too long. Need to pop over and get caught up! Thanks for the info!

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