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Posted by spragujs on February 29, 2012

Random note first:  Stupid wireless gets messed up at home and I miss 4 intended posts.  I hope to make them up (at least for myself) eventually!

And on to our *ahem* regularly scheduled programming…  A couple weekends ago I watched the Harry Potter marathon on USA Family.  I started partway through Goblet of Fire.  I’ve made my opinion abundantly clear with my friends that I don’t care for Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore.  I think while watching this marathon I finally figured out why.  He plays Dumbledore loud.  That’s pretty much it.  (And in Order of the Phoenix there is one point where it seems like he has Dumbledore just give up because he’s powerless, which Dumbledore would never do.  That scene (at the end of when Umbridge sacks Professor Trelawny) ticked me off this time through too.)  Primarily though, it’s the volume.  I always imagined Dumbledore to be one of those people that others have to shut up to listen to because they’re generally quiet, but have very important things to say, and Gambon’s portrayal just misses that mark by a long shot.  Maybe I’m the only one that feels that way, and obviously I didn’t watch Harris’s portrayal beforehand to compare, so there’s my disclaimer.  I just felt the need to get that off my chest.

Thank you and good night!


One Response to “Dumbledore”

  1. ~ap~ said

    I definitely agree. I don’t think I really cared much for him until Half-Blood Prince and it was, IIRC, the scene with the potion on the island in Voldemort’s cave that cinched it. I thought while watching that scene that Gambon must have *finally* read up on the character he was portraying (or at least that particular scene) rather than imprinting his own idea of how this wise and powerful wizard that even the super-villain fears onto Dumbledore. I was also pleased with Gambon’s performance in The Deathly Hallows part 2 at the train station with Harry. The scene wasn’t perfect (as in, not exactly as it was in the book) but I felt that Gambon did it well. *nod*

    One other observation as to why Gambon wasn’t the ideal Dumbledore…he didn’t smile enough. Dumblydore was often smiling. Imagine how amazing Harris might have been had he lived to see the series through. :o(

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