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Will Supervillains Be on the Final

Posted by spragujs on April 1, 2012

Will Supervillains Be on the Final? cover artI’m not a huge fan of April Fools pranks, but to be somewhat more in the spirit of things I figured I’d at least post about a more fun book that I read recently, rather than one of the more serious ones as I try to get caught up (again).  Will Supervillains Be on the Final? by Naomi Novik and illustrated by Yishan Li is volume one of the new Liberty Vocational series.  The Fantastic Fiction blurb:

As universities go, Liberty Vocational is the private college of choice for budding superheroes learning to master their extraordinary powers for the good of humankind. But for sixteen-year-old Leah Taymore, just making her way through classes without incident is shaping up to be a superhuman task. Star struck by legendary ex-hero turned student advisor Calvin Washington, petrified by ultrastrict dean Dr. Santos, and tongue-tied over her supercool (and handsome) classmate Paul Lyman, timid Leah fears that even her ability to manipulate atoms won’t be enough to survive the rigors of L.V. – and become a full-fledged defender of all that is right. But the real test of her mettle is yet to come, in the form of infamous supervillain Bane, who has infiltrated Liberty with a sinister plan to bring down the best and brightest heroes of tomorrow before they even take flight.

The story sounded like it could be lots of fun and reminded me some of The Incredibles, which I loved, so I had to try it out, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Leah’s first week at school was pretty intense and awkward and (sorry for the spoiler), but she gets to help save the day.  (Bet you weren’t surprised; you still have to read the book to find out how!)  Very teen-centric, perhaps a bit too fast or short (that is, not in depth enough) for my taste, but certainly entertaining; I’d recommend this to any one interested in YA literature!

The last few pages included some slight extras including Leah’s grade reports and some character descriptions and illustrator’s responses to those which were pretty neat as well.

For those in the know with this stuff, Yishan Li has worked on Cutie B, The Clique, One Million Manga Figures, among others.  Check out her website for more info!

Bring on Volume 2 soon!  😉

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