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Will Supervillains Be on the Final

Posted by spragujs on April 1, 2012

Will Supervillains Be on the Final? cover artI’m not a huge fan of April Fools pranks, but to be somewhat more in the spirit of things I figured I’d at least post about a more fun book that I read recently, rather than one of the more serious ones as I try to get caught up (again).  Will Supervillains Be on the Final? by Naomi Novik and illustrated by Yishan Li is volume one of the new Liberty Vocational series.  The Fantastic Fiction blurb:

As universities go, Liberty Vocational is the private college of choice for budding superheroes learning to master their extraordinary powers for the good of humankind. But for sixteen-year-old Leah Taymore, just making her way through classes without incident is shaping up to be a superhuman task. Star struck by legendary ex-hero turned student advisor Calvin Washington, petrified by ultrastrict dean Dr. Santos, and tongue-tied over her supercool (and handsome) classmate Paul Lyman, timid Leah fears that even her ability to manipulate atoms won’t be enough to survive the rigors of L.V. – and become a full-fledged defender of all that is right. But the real test of her mettle is yet to come, in the form of infamous supervillain Bane, who has infiltrated Liberty with a sinister plan to bring down the best and brightest heroes of tomorrow before they even take flight.

The story sounded like it could be lots of fun and reminded me some of The Incredibles, which I loved, so I had to try it out, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Leah’s first week at school was pretty intense and awkward and (sorry for the spoiler), but she gets to help save the day.  (Bet you weren’t surprised; you still have to read the book to find out how!)  Very teen-centric, perhaps a bit too fast or short (that is, not in depth enough) for my taste, but certainly entertaining; I’d recommend this to any one interested in YA literature!

The last few pages included some slight extras including Leah’s grade reports and some character descriptions and illustrator’s responses to those which were pretty neat as well.

For those in the know with this stuff, Yishan Li has worked on Cutie B, The Clique, One Million Manga Figures, among others.  Check out her website for more info!

Bring on Volume 2 soon!  😉

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Erfworld Kickstarter Project

Posted by spragujs on March 7, 2012

Erfworld - It's hard out here for a pink.Here’s another comic post, as this one’s also got a Kickstarter project going (only 7 days left, though it’s original goal is already fully funded).  Erfworld, written by Rob Balder, which was originally posted on the same website as OotS, is again to quote the author “…an ongoing webcomic about an obsessive strategy gamer named Parson Gotti, who gets summoned into a fantasy universe that works a lot like a game.”  (Start the comic from here.)

The comic has highly interesting art, not much like anything I’ve seen before.  Also, while it’s based on tabletop wargaming, as far as I know (not that that’s saying much!) it’s not based on any specific game so the author can (and does) take highly entertaining liberties with what’s possible (and there’s a lot that’s possible!).  One of the most interesting things for me is that the characters live inside a constructed world with very set archetypes and they have a hard time working beyond their created boundaries.  That is until Parson Gotti (to us a real person) shows up and turns Erfworld on its head!  The story that unfolds has a lot of depth and background that Balder is currently working to develop, by writing a prequel of sorts while the comic’s artist, Xin, is on a bit of a hiatus.

Besides trying to get you to read the comic (if you don’t already), if you’re interested in supporting webcomics, or if you already like Erfworld and randomly don’t know about this project, I wanted to let everyone know about the Erfworld Kickstarter motion comic project.  In any case, this project, like the OotS project, has far surpassed their original goal (see the update page for details), so if you want to pledge you’ll definitely get charged, but again, if you want to support a webcomic, you might try pledging to the project which ends just after midnight EST on Thursday Mar. 15.

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Order of the Stick Kickstarter Project

Posted by spragujs on February 9, 2012

OotS Kickstarter ProjectI like to read a few webcomics, and plan to maybe blog about a few of them here over time.  The one that gets to go first, because of an event they’re having, is OotS, or The Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew.  (Start the comic from here.)

OotS, to quote the author, “… tells the tale of the eponymous band of heroes living in a fantasy roleplaying game world as they struggle to overcome their enemies, their environment, the rules of the game, and their own crippling incompetence (not necessarily in that order of importance).”  It’s a comic made up of stick figures, and it’s hilarious.  As also mentioned in the author’s summary, the comic starts out a bit heavily with the RPG references and gradually loses that focus as time goes on.  The stick figure art even gets a bit more polished.  I’ve played a few RPGs in my time, but never D&D which the story is based on, so take it from one only partially experienced; you can still appreciate the comic, even if you don’t play the game.

Besides trying to get you to read the comic (if you don’t already), if you’re interested in supporting webcomic artists, or if you already like OotS and randomly don’t know about this project, I wanted to let everyone know about the OotS Kickstarter reprint drive.  I’d never heard of Kickstarter before, but it bills itself as the “world’s largest funding platform for creative projects”.  A person with a project/concept can use the site to set up a drive where people pledge money, but they never get charged if the project goal isn’t met.  Pretty neat concept!  In any case, the OotS project has far surpassed their original goal (see the update page for details), so if you want to pledge you’ll definitely get charged, but again, if you like to see webcomics in print or just want to support a webcomic artist, you might try pledging to the project which ends just after noon EST on Tuesday Feb. 21.

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The Phoenix Requiem

Posted by spragujs on May 13, 2009

The Phoenix Requiem

I was introduced to another new webcomic recently and I just got done reading through the archives.  Yet another story to keep up on, yay!   (Thanks Mr. Spit!)  This one’s called The Phoenix Requiem and is

A Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.

On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse – and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town – he is unable to escape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.

As they try to discover why, the nurse must question her beliefs and risk her own life in order to protect her family, her friends, and those that she loves.

So, now you generally know what it’s about!  Start here to read from the beginning.  The author updates Mondays and Thursdays in Australia.

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Girl Genius and other webcomics

Posted by spragujs on March 6, 2009

Heh heh.  I finally realized why I didn’t post anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was because I was spending my internet time trying to read through the 5+ years of archives of Girl Genius!  (Start here.)  The story and art are terrific and I’m so going to get the books!  😉  *makes another note to put them on my wishlist*  Not only is the story addicting, but unfortunately for my time, I had troubles sometimes getting the pages to load the first time around.  Three refreshes seemed to mostly be the limit though.  I wonder if there’s something they couldn’t do to update their server or something!  Anyway, if you read comics online, I strongly recommend this one!  (Updates MWF.)

Other comics you should read:

Order of the Stick – based on D&D, has its own stories, but also makes jokes about the D&D system.  Start here!  (I’ve already got most of these books!)

Erfworld – A war gamer gets transported into a war game world as the warlord.  Hijinks ensue!   Start here!

Looking for Group – based on WoW, again with its own story (I think), and is an epic story with lots of dark humor.  Start here!  (Another one I should get the books for!)  MThurs

Inktank – currently is a mash up of the author’s life with one of his former comics, Angst Technology.  He has several on the site, but Angst was the longest running comic.  MWF mostly.

Those are all the comics I’m reading now whenever they update.  I’ll bring up some old favorites sometime in the future.

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