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Posted by spragujs on February 29, 2012

Random note first:  Stupid wireless gets messed up at home and I miss 4 intended posts.  I hope to make them up (at least for myself) eventually!

And on to our *ahem* regularly scheduled programming…  A couple weekends ago I watched the Harry Potter marathon on USA Family.  I started partway through Goblet of Fire.  I’ve made my opinion abundantly clear with my friends that I don’t care for Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore.  I think while watching this marathon I finally figured out why.  He plays Dumbledore loud.  That’s pretty much it.  (And in Order of the Phoenix there is one point where it seems like he has Dumbledore just give up because he’s powerless, which Dumbledore would never do.  That scene (at the end of when Umbridge sacks Professor Trelawny) ticked me off this time through too.)  Primarily though, it’s the volume.  I always imagined Dumbledore to be one of those people that others have to shut up to listen to because they’re generally quiet, but have very important things to say, and Gambon’s portrayal just misses that mark by a long shot.  Maybe I’m the only one that feels that way, and obviously I didn’t watch Harris’s portrayal beforehand to compare, so there’s my disclaimer.  I just felt the need to get that off my chest.

Thank you and good night!

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The Urban Fantasy… Zodiac?!

Posted by spragujs on February 6, 2012

My friend Kiara over at Waiting for Fairies started off February with a fun new meme to try.  Instead of the Chinese Zodiac, she presents the Urban Fantasy Zodiac.  It’s lots of fun, and after thinking about it a bit, at least mostly accurate in my case!  😉  Here’s mine:


You love change and get bored easily. You have a hot temper – be sure to watch it so you don’t lose control!  You don’t make friends easily, but when you do there couldn’t be anyone more loyal.

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Hello Again!

Posted by spragujs on January 19, 2012

Well, it’s certainly been a while.  As usual, I’m a horribly inconsistent blogger, but, at least for a bit, I’m back again.  (Man, that was a LOT of commas!)  This is just an update post, probably nothing really interesting to most people, which may not be a big deal since I do this mostly for myself…  Anyway, in the near future, I’m planning to: update my TBR list, discover how close I got to my 2011 Off the Shelf goal, set up a 2012 Off the Shelf goal, update my 50 Book Challenge page (I’m contemplating switching it over so that I’m no longer trying to figure out what I read from May to May and instead just making it per year, like normal people), and maybe if I’m motivated, putting up some new reviews, such that they are.  Oh and of course, updating my side bars, though mostly for my own benefit.   There you have it!  Welcome to 2012!

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Posted by spragujs on April 14, 2009

Wowsers am I behind.  I’d hoped last month to have enough posts to equal the number of week days.  I did post 17 times where I needed 22, but that was hard for me.  I’m thinking I’ll start over (though not back tracking to the beginning of April) and just set a goal of hopefully 4 posts per week.  If I get extra…  Well, bonus (for my goal accomplishment)!

I went on vacation, which is what caused my stop in posting.  There was internet access at the location, but it was horribly slow, and it was all I could do to just read my email half the time.  :-/  Then, I didn’t start up with the posting again when I got back, and so you have two weeks plus of dead time.

Here’s my pledge to start posting again!  I’ve got several ideas in mind, in addition to the book I’ve read and the one I’m reading which I hope to post about and all the TV shows that I could also post about in the mean time, so it’s not like I shouldn’t be able to come up with something!  In any case, for those of you reading this, I’m sorry to bore you!  I’m basically thinking “out loud” here, and don’t know why I decided to use it as a post, but there you have it anyway!  😉  Till next time!

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Posted by spragujs on March 12, 2009

The Wheel of Time

If you are a fan of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, go now!  Read this!  The recaps and commentary are being written by Leigh Butler, and if she becomes a writer like her blog indicates she’d like, well I say bring it on, ’cause I’ll read her books anytime based on this recap!  

It’s also a good cheat for rereading the series.  Especially if the next book is going to be out in November as these countdown widgets from Tor indicate!

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Posted by spragujs on September 21, 2007

In any case, I wanted to share knowledge for those few reading about Once you sign up, this site allows you to post books that you don’t want to keep anymore. Each time you successfully mail a requested book to another member, you’ll receive a credit with which you can request a book yourself. In spite of the name, they don’t just have paperbacks either. I’ve beefed up my hardback collection by swapping books here. They have audiobooks as well, though those “cost” two credits each. You can also buy credits for $3.45 each, which is a reasonable price (at least for hardbacks, even used) if you’re interested in taking that route.
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Robert Jordan passes

Posted by spragujs on September 18, 2007

Well, I’m sure that most people to whom this matters have already heard about it. It was a sad day on Sunday the 16th when Robert Jordan passed away. I didn’t hear about it till Monday. All the various things I’ve read have made me cry. I wish the best to his family and friends who will now have to live without him. Beyond the usual, I don’t have that much to add, but I thought I’d link to a couple of places where folk can read about what’s happened and will be happening. Also, I have an additional thanks to add as a very large number of the people I now consider good friends are so because of RJ’s books. Clearly his writing has had a large impact on the world even though a lot of people might not have known who he was. 😦

Notes from Dragonmount where RJs blog was hosted
George R.R. Martin’s tribute

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Posted by spragujs on August 9, 2006

Ah, but I am fond of lists. Heck, at the moment, I could probably write up a list of the lists I need to write up! *sigh* Anyway, lists are neat because they help you keep track of the stuff that you need/want to do. Then, once you’ve finished something, you can cross it off! Quite the satisfying experience, IMO. Now if I could only find the time to write up all these lists…

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