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The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge

Posted by spragujs on June 23, 2011

The Way of Shadows cover artWell, my intent was to do these one at a time, but I was too slow with the posting and too fast with the listening, so here’s a twofer.  Some (hopefully mild) spoilers follow after the blurb for the trilogy:

The Night Angel Trilogy is a fantasy series written by Brent Weeks. The story follows the life of Azoth (later Kylar Stern) as he struggles as a guild rat to become the ultimate wetboy (an assassin with some magical talent) then tries to leave it all behind and finally becomes the avatar of retribution: the Night Angel.

Brent Weeks’s Night Angel Trilogy starts off with The Way of Shadows and goes into Shadow’s Edge as book 2.  I’m glad I didn’t have to wait in between books, these are grippers!  I can’t really think of a part of these I wish he’d skipped.  There was a bit more detail in the descriptions of the action with the ferali than I was enthusiastic about, but that’s as close as I could come to dissatisfaction.  Well, almost.  The ending of book 1 was decidedly dissatisfying.  (Though definitely not bad, if that makes any sense!)  Kylar was obviously not supposed to be riding off into the sunset with his girl at that point in time.  It’s a trilogy, man!  Don’t give us our cake only to take it away!  That’s just mean!  Anyway, I hope I got my point across there.  😉

Shadow's Edge cover artI should mention, since I did listen to the books, that Paul Boehmer, after about 20 minutes of getting used to him, was kinda awesome.  In the beginning, his narrating seemed slightly over-the-top to me, but having gotten used to his style, I could see how he got all the right inflections at all the right moments.  I’ve not had tears in my eyes (if not outright falling) in quite a while.  Granted, a lot of the credit should go to the author, but Boehmer definitely does the books justice if you can get used to his style.

I can’t quite come to terms with how many different directions my mind and heart have been jerked to while listening to these books.  It’s simpler to say that I think these two books have been stupidly awesome (stated that way because unbelievably, amazingly, and other such words don’t describe how I actually feel about it), and I’m glad I finally decided to listen to them!  Please, go out and grab yourself a set of Night Angel books!  There’s even a prequel called Perfect Shadow that you can get for your favorite e-reader right now.

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