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New World Blues

Posted by spragujs on April 6, 2012

The Palencar Project cover ran a series of 5 short stories based on a piece of art by John Jude Palencar in March, and this one in particular was written by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. whose Imager Portfolio novels I’ve been reading most recently.  “New World Blues” takes the picture in a completely different direction than I’d expected, and in so few words manages to imply a whole huge background of a universe as well as to empower a character.  It’s a quick, inspiring read, and I recommend it.

Read here for the story behind the collection, and go here to purchase an ebook of the 5 stories.

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Harry and Marlowe and the Talisman of the Cult of Egil

Posted by spragujs on March 18, 2012

Like steampunk?  Like short stories fraught with adventure, impending war, alien artifacts, and forbidden love?  Then try Carrie Vaughn’s “Harry and Marlowe and the Talisman of the Cult of Egil” as published in Orbit Books’ online magazine, Lightspeed.  I have to say, after reading this story, I’d love to read further adventures of Harry and Marlow!  While easily a nice, complete story, there were hints of tons of potential stories and drama in these ~6657 words!

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Temeraire Genesis

Posted by spragujs on March 5, 2012

Temeraire ink by Daniel GovarI recently discovered the novella, “Vici”, by Naomi Novik as published in Fantasy Magazine.  As she describes in an interview with the magazine:

“Vici” is my idea of the backstory of how dragons were first domesticated by humans in Europe, and shows the seeds of various aspects of the relationship between dragons and humans that we see initially in Britain and other European nations in His Majesty’s Dragon.

The novella brought me back to the complete enjoyment I first felt reading His Majesty’s Dragon.  After the newness of the first Temeraire novel wore off I haven’t enjoyed the other novels as much, but I’m still fascinated by the idea and still buy the novels as they come out.  I’m particularly thrilled by the series’ idea of a crossover between traditional dragons and friendly dragons (my introduction to dragons was from Anne McCaffrey, so I’m partial to the friendly ones)!  I have unfortunately not yet read Tongues of Serpents (though it is on my shelf), but I think I will very soon as her next Temeraire novel, Crucible of Gold, comes out tomorrow (read an excerpt here).  Maybe they’ll be my next set of novels to read as I’ll be able to tackle a book from my shelf as well as a new one (so as to not get behind for once).

In short, if you haven’t yet read the Temeraire novels and want a short piece to see what it’s all about, try “Vici”!

Also, I always knew Temeraire was supposed to be a handsome dragon, but you can see that in the artwork above, as created by Daniel Govar.  (Found this from a post on Ms. Novik’s website.)

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The Duke’s Wolf

Posted by spragujs on August 10, 2006

I found a site with part of a story on it. One that I’d like to keep reading when the author adds more! Actually, the site’s not new, but the stories section is. Check out the OOTS stories page. The Duke’s Wolf is currently the only story on there, but I’ve linked to the whole page in case he ever puts other stuff up there as well.

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